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I first took my child to Merosa Academy in (September 2019) when the school was just coming up. It was love at first sight, my son fell in love with Merosa Academy the first day we drove by after school on our way home and he said to me, mum, I want to be in this school. Sooner after then, I realized that I had taken one of the best decisions taking him there. The school is blessed to have Administrators and teachers with uncommon diligence and passion. The shrewd one-on-one attention given to the pupils has made learning easy and brings out the best in them.
The Pupils are thought to be focused and hardworking in class. Even though they are in their active ages, they are still very dutiful as they take both their class and homework very seriously. They are always neatly dressed and obedient.
The school not only teach the pupils, they nurture them in both learning and character for greatness to become leaders of tomorrow and pride of the nation.
In a nutshell, Merosa Academy is more than just a school.