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We are honored that Merosa Academy is on your list of options for your child’s great education.

Choosing the appropriate school is a difficult undertaking, and we are here to assist. From your initial enquiry through the end of the application process, our devoted and professional Admissions Staff is here to assist you at every step of the journey.


MS Olaniyi Florence

Principal – Apo Campus


New students are in for an exciting year, as well as their first encounter with a regular school routine in a welcoming setting.

Everyone benefits from being a part of a close-knit community where they can get to know one another. We hope your child feels similarly about his or her school.

The children will be so preoccupied in class that they will not have much time to reflect about their feelings of separation from home, but it is critical to address such feelings if they arise.

Merosa Academy

Applications for all grades are accepted at any time. Applications will be accepted based on space availability. 

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We have created simple steps to help you get your child admitted to Merosa Academy as soon as possible!


What Parents Are Saying

Mrs Yisah
I first took my child to Merosa Academy in (September 2019) when the school was just coming up. It was love ...

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Mrs Yisah
I first took my child to Merosa Academy in (September 2019) when the school was just coming up. It was love at first sight, my son fell in love with Merosa Academy the first day we drove by after school on our way home and he said to me, mum, I want to be in this school. Sooner after then, I realized that I had taken one of the best decisions taking him there. The school is blessed to have Administrators and teachers with uncommon diligence and passion. The shrewd one-on-one attention given to the pupils has made learning easy and brings out the best in them. The Pupils are thought to be focused and hardworking in class. Even though they are in their active ages, they are still very dutiful as they take both their class and homework very seriously. They are always neatly dressed and obedient. The school not only teach the pupils, they nurture them in both learning and character for greatness to become leaders of tomorrow and pride of the nation. In a nutshell, Merosa Academy is more than just a school.
Mrs Yisah
Mrs Yisah
Mrs Ogechi Okoroafor
When I relocated to Abuja with my Family, I went around Kubwa in search of a unique school for my ...

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Mrs Ogechi Okoroafor
When I relocated to Abuja with my Family, I went around Kubwa in search of a unique school for my Children. It took me almost two weeks, and when I came across MEROSA Academy signpost along the road, I decided to take a look at the school because I had already lost hope based on the other schools I had visited earlier. When I entered MEROSA Academy, from the warm ambiance of the premises to the friendly gatemen down to the receptionist and the Head of School, I was immediately convinced I was in the right School at last. I made all necessary enquires and my children took the aptitude test of which they passed and we're enrolled immediately. Up till date, I have no regret enrolling my Children in MEROSA Academy. The staff especially the teachers are the best. My Children have improved both Academically and Morally. I can beat my chest and say that they can compete with their mates in other schools and come out the best because of the high standard teaching, training and grooming in Academics, Socials and Morals they receive on a daily. Thanks to MEROSA Academy Kubwa.
Mrs Ogechi Okoroafor
Mrs Ogechi Okoroafor


Merosa Academy prohibits any discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying of any student based on the student’s actual race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sex and gender.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ask Us A Quesstion


We’ve compiled a list of important Q&As to help you with any concerns you may have as you go through the admissions process.

We’ve also included a question area for you to ask any questions we may have missed. We will gladly answer your inquiries.

How can I start the admissions process for my child?

For a fee of N10,000, you can obtain our Admission Form from the school, or you can download one online. After receiving the completed form, the admission Officer will schedule the child for a written exam, if one is required.

What is the procedure for enrolling?

Parents may complete the entrance form after touring the school and meeting with the Admission Officer. You may use our online platform to complete the admissions process and browse our website for whatever you require.

Is there a deadline for enrolling?

Families frequently enroll their children at the start of the school year in September. However, applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Students can join a classroom at any time during the academic year if space is available.

Is there a written exam required for admission?
All candidates seeking admission to Merosa Academy, with the exception of early years students, must take a written placement test. For the following classes, admission is exclusively based on age appropriateness:

Entering Playgroup/Pre-Nursery   –        2 years old by September 1st

Entering Nursery 1    –        3 years old by September 1st

Entering Nursery 2      –        4 years old by September 1st

Entering Primary 1       –        5 years old by September 1st

Entering Primary 2     –        6 years old by September 1st

Entering Primary 3      –        7 years old by September 1st

Entering Primary 4     –        8 years old by September 1st

Entering Primary 5    –        9 years old by September 1st

Entering Primary 6    –        10 years old by September 1st

Entering JS 1            –        11 years old by September 1st

Entering JS 2       –        12 years old by September 1s

What happens if a child fails the Placement Test?

We provide a Provisional Admission Letter as well as a refresher program in partnership with the applicant’s parents to assist the applicant in addressing some learning challenges and grey areas in core topics. The placement test will be retaken in the future.

Which kind of institution is Merosa Academy?

We are a co-educational, secular school. We value each child’s religious views and teach our children to do so as well.

We provide a lesson for everyone, from Play Group to SS3.

Can the school provide for the needs of pupils who have special needs?

Yes, there is a system of education in place that allows kids with special needs to study alongside their peers. The school uses shadow professors to provide particular care.

How many students are in a typical Merosa class?

There are typically 20 people in each of our classes.

How safe is the campus of the school?

We take seriously our responsibility to protect both persons and property. Our gates are securely closed. To ensure this, we have qualified security personnel on duty at all times. Therefore, you can rest assured that your child is safe with us.

How are parents informed about their kids' development at Merosa Academy?

Teachers regularly interact with parents during drop-off and pick-up times. We also regularly arrange parent-teacher conferences to review and talk about the students’ development. A crucial part of our program is parent communication. Parents can reach our principal, school administrator, and school admin officer at any time.

Is there a programme for the summer?

Yes. Merosa Academy offers summer programmes in August for kids in preschool through senior high school. The programs are overseen by our knowledgeable and creative professors and make full use of the school’s beautiful surroundings and Nature Center/Outdoor Classroom. We can also offer sports and other interesting activities thanks to our local connections.

Ask Us A Quesstion