It is easier for students to relate with the subject matter and the idea beyond does not remain unfamiliar. A typical class or lesson comprises of a starter activity, a summary highlighting the objective of the class, the briefing of the main idea of the lesson which could be repetitive at regular interval of the session. The teacher also needs to assess the progress of the students and at the end to review the chapter. The teaching Process remains unchanged whether Interactive Whiteboard is in demand or not. Certain portions of the chapters can be elaborated or made more interesting with the aid of the Interactive Whiteboard. The usage of colour and highlighting, drop and drag facility enhances the participants interests in the activity.

Categorization of the particular subject can be taken forward by the groups of students if required in the latter stage. The groups can put forward their ideas and thoughts before proceeding further. With several contributions of ideas the subject learning becomes more effectual and innovative. It should not be forgotten the key role is played by the Teacher in the entire process of this class. The appropriate utility of he Whiteboard makes the learning saga more interactive.

The Group discussion could be adapted with all the age groups and on all topics. Very crucial is the questioning power of the teachers as it judges whether the student get to the right answer or not. All of the whiteboard work is set aside for later use, which is usable for compile e-mails and for crafting handouts.