Top Secondary School in Apo-Abuja for Your Child? 

Welcome to MEROSA ACADEMY APO. Merosa Academy High School Apo Abuja is where your child grows into a well grounded youth who holds their head high anywhere in the world. We have several delighted parents who believe they made the right choice of MEROSA because their children are growing into University materials before their very own eyes.



Principal’s Welcome Speech, 2020

MAHS is a private, co-educational secondary school established to cater for the educational needs of young Nigerians without discrimination on ethnic, religious and political bases.
The school is presently evolving and building students that are holistically nurtured and trained in the major educational domains in order to be good role models and responsible leaders of tomorrow.
At MAHS, we understand the competitive nature of the 21st century world where one’s intellect is central to one’s existential success and attainment in life. It is against this backdrop that we ensure our students receive the best of education that will put them in good stead to succeed in life.
In order to achieve the above, our school boasts of qualified, competent, confident and committed staffers who work with unusual diligence round the clock without prodding.
Our school also boasts of the state-of-the-art learning environment and facilities to complement our staffers’ efforts. This is so because we understand that for effective learning to take place, learning environment must be conducive.
We understand that students by nature do not have the same learning abilities. It is on this premise that we strive assiduously to address the learning challenges of our students without discrimination.
We also place significant attention to sports development in the lives of the students. This is so because we understand the importance of sporting activities in the lives of our students. It is on this premise that we have standard sporting facilities in our school.
It is the synthesis of the above efforts that has resulted in the success we have recorded so far in the areas of enrollment, academic success, accreditation, introduction of international examinations (CAMBRIDGE IGCSE, IELTS, SAT), amongst others.
However, we shall not rest on our oars. We will continue to explore the available innovative ways via which the school can grow exponentially while still maintaining discipline and academic excellence.
As we face the future with renewed optimism, I implore all the stakeholders; Parents, Management and members of Staff to play their roles.
If you want an all round education for your children/wards, MAHS is the place. At MAHS, things can only get better.

Thank you.

Ashaolu Ezekiel,
Principal, Merosa Academy-High School.

Some Key Features at Merosa Academy Apo.

Welcome to Merosa Academy Apo at the Popular Apo Resettlement towards the Federal High Court.

Well Equipped Classrooms

Class Standard: Every class is air conditioned, spacious, with comfortable and convenient furniture to create a conducive learning environment for maximum pupil performance.

Modern Computer Labs

Merosa is equipped with computer laboratories, with computer laptops and desktops.
We also have interactive smart boards as part of our teaching aids at the primary and secondary levels. The ultimate objective is to build the pupils/students to be up to speed in the real competitive world of today.

Well Stocked Library

Merosa Academy is equipped with two standard libraries with diverse books for pupils and students’ exposition.
Reading is an imperative culture and pupils/students are always encouraged to make use of the libraries.

Qualified Teachers and Carers

Staff Strength: We work with not more than twenty (20) pupils per teacher.
In Early years, every class has a class teacher and assistant class teacher for better and effective results.


There are dedicated school buses available to transport pupils/students to and from school.The buses are air-conditioned and driven by professional drivers. They are prompt and clean at all times.

Swimming Classes

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” At Merosa we get the Early Years Kids  involved in extra-curricullar activities such swimming to build mental and physical balance early in life.



we believe that exposing our students through excursion is a continuous means of learning.

Golf Lessons

Golf is a game that broadens the mind of any individual. We introduce our children to Golfing as it will help in developing their patience, courage and determination.

Top Management Team

These are the GREAT MINDS that work day and night to see that Merosa Academy remains the best.

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Craft Centres

Merosa Academy Schools have well equipped Craft Centres where learners can explore their hidden talents and have fun creating some crafts. We have seen some remarkable crafts we never stop encouraging our children to get creative without fear of failure.


Modern Science Labs

Merosa is equipped with science laboratories, with the latest apparatus for our children to perform experiments and learn first hand the skills they need to explore the world of science.
We also have interactive smart boards as part of our teaching aids at the primary and secondary levels. 

Home Economics Facilities

It is amazing what can be achieved when children are exposed to the appropriate learning environment. Our Home Economics classes have brought out the best in some of our children at Merosa Academy. Let your child in on these experiences and be amazed at what they got on the inside.

I chose Merosa Academy Apo because we were made to feel very welcome and the school handled all our questions with respect and understanding.

My children have turned out to be very well rounded. They take interest in the environment and have a well-balanced approach to academics and extra-curricular activities.

I think Merosa's USP is that each child is made to feel special and has the love and support from the school to be the best he or she can be.


Both my son and daughter have really benefited from Merosa Academy– from its curriculum and because of its culture.

It is truly a place that offers choice to its students, encourages students to think for themselves and looks at students holistically.

My husband and I are great fans of the excursion programs and believe that it builds critical life skills that, perhaps, an academic environment alone cannot.


Merosa Academy provides a rich soil for the growth and development of each child. Merosa focuses in instilling positive values and compassion in it’s students.

It’s ability to work with students and parents alongside nurtures excellence in children. It is building Citizens of tomorrow.

Our son discovered himself at Merosa Academy. He has become so much more confident and aware.